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John on 16/1/15
Left a voicemail with computerized voice saying that this was "my final notice for an IRS lawsuit against me" and that "I should call 206-261-2044."
MJ on 23/6/14
Called 1/29/14 8am & 1/31/14 11:58 pm. Using #2687620131 and #2687620042 respectively. I did not answer.
Rafael on 20/2/14
Been getting calls from this number for about a week. All of them in the very early hours of the morning, while still sleeping.
Buddy on 13/2/14
This number has called my 12 times in last hour. My number is registered with Do Not Call Registry. WHY is this allowed to happen
Craig on 13/2/14
Received two phone calls. One from (268)762-0024 and one from (268)762-0156. Did not answer. Did shop at Target in November and December.
NCP on 11/2/14
Got called two days in a row from 268-762-0034 and 268-762-0014 on 1/31/14 and 2/1/14. Didn't answer. Lots of other random calls and hang ups from 213-487-9500.
lulu on 11/2/14
Called my phone several times without leaving a message. It shows Antigua/Barbuda. No clue
browneyes on 9/2/14
i am getting a call from this number several times a week, it will just ring once no message no nothing...its annoying
Rose on 6/2/14
I have received 2 calls in the last 5 days on my cell from this number. I do not know anyone in Artigua/Barbuda so I hav no idea why someone is calling me from there. They never ...
Paul on 6/2/14
Called last night rang twice. I looked at caller ID and was suspicious and did not pick up.
Vgr on 6/2/14
I've gotten two calls from (268) 762-0047. Antigua/Barbuda. A friend told me, the other day to watch out for these kind of calls, not knowing I'd already gotten 2! There...
2daileys on 5/2/14
I am wondering if this is one of the one ring scam calls
berr on 5/2/14
I have been getting a lot of calls from unknown and unwanted phone numbers. This form of harassment needs to stop. How are these individuals getting a hold of my personal cell phon...
Ann on 5/2/14
I do not want to receive any more call from this number.
Debbie on 5/2/14
It's one of the international phone scam. Don't call it back or you will receive a $20 charge on your cell phone bill. What I do is save the number & name it "sc...
steve on 5/2/14
this is a scam that has been reported on the news. if you call back...you end up in a chat-line or something where you are charged serious coin for simply calling...and then about...
bobt on 5/2/14
got several calls from this number and area code- I did not answer them
Danielle on 5/2/14
Do not answer / return this call. If you return this call you are charged $20 up front for the call and then $9 a minute. Scam noted on BBB.
Tony on 5/2/14
I work in sales, and every call is important. For the last 2 months, I've been getting a missed call or two every week from this number( 268 762-0044 Antigua/Barbuda). When I...
Never call back on 4/2/14
Look up "One ring scam." Do not call back!
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