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Candice on 4/2/14
Same as other people, it only rang a couple of times and the caller ID said it was from Antigua/Barbuda. This was on my cell phone which is through Verizon.
anonymous on 4/2/14
got call from that num... rang few times and then i missed the call.
California on 4/2/14
I got a call too. Just one ring, no message.
wpbmom on 4/2/14
Scam...don't answer or call back...this is called One Ring Scam...alert everyone you know to BEWARE!!!
redbeard_33 on 4/2/14
been bugged for a few days by this one ring # 268-762-0040 I haven't call back luckly.
mimi on 4/2/14
getting calls from 2687620154. also 7672759070. just read warning on facebook from better business bureau. Do Not Answer or call back. could cause you billing charges. area cod...
mee on 4/2/14
I am on sprint
jhag on 4/2/14
This number called me twice at 12:30 at night. Woke me up but it only rang twice. When I finally called back it said it was not a working number. I have searched this number and it...
emma on 4/2/14
Didn't hear a ring but it shows as missed call no msg was left,. Definitely suspicious from all the comments. Blocking number but expect by tomorrow they'll be using a ne...
Alicia on 4/2/14
I just received a call from this number. If you days ago I heard on the radio about a new scam that is currently happening. They call your number let it ring one time and hang up, ...
Karen on 4/2/14
Received call at 10:30 AM PST
John on 4/2/14
Just got a call from this number a minute ago. Didn't answer.
Jack on 4/2/14
Same number, 3 times in 3 weeks. I never answer calls I don't know. No msg. Does Verizon know about this?!
Nikki on 4/2/14
Most of the info I've found on this # says that it's a scam. They call & only let it ring for a couple of seconds so that you will call the # back and when you do tha...
Mile on 4/2/14
One ring hang up
268-762-0135 on 4/2/14
Called on 2/3/2014 at 11:52 pm (CST). Of course I didn't answer and no message was left.
Joy on 4/2/14
Phone rang once at 6:57am Feb. 4, 2014, picked up, disconnected. 9

;20 am on Feb 3
Jim on 4/2/14
Antigua, don't know anyone there...this is certainly one to stay away from
Ramm on 3/2/14
I keep getting miss calls from this number since Jan 29th at odd hours, ~2-3 rings and they disconnect. I will soon try to block this number if this continues.
BillyThe on 3/2/14
Received a call at 9:29 Sunday from 268 762 0075.
Did not answer.
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