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Matt L on 10/1/14
received call from this number on 12/13.... call back and get verizon billed for 18 minutes, $30.
Got lots of hassle to get Verizon drop this charge.
kambrynn on 7/1/14
there's people I don't know who keeps calling me, I keep getting missed calls from people I don't know, I mean if somebody I don't know that calls me it should ...
Miffed Mom on 5/1/14
This # has been calling my 11 year olds phone- ugh! Please do something about them. I put them on block through smart limits.
Mark on 5/1/14
called me at 12:10 a.m. New Years eve. Did not answer and they left no message. I am also with Verizon. I know it is a scammer...anyone know who the number belongs to? How do they ...
Ross on 4/1/14
Received a call from this number at 4:06am I didn't answer but read the this area code from Grenada is a scam
W J on 3/1/14
As of January 1 they're still at it. I was in a movie theater at the time, and missed a little of the movie checking to see if it was an emergency. Glad my phone was on sile...
Jon on 3/1/14
There's been multiple complaints about the number 473-520-9734. It's reported to be from St. George in Grenada and there's a person calling who seems to be in distre...
Pal on 2/1/14
It's so distressing. If you phone back, as Susan Kocherhans did, Your phone will be billed at exorbitant rates. You MUST phone your telephone company (I called Verizon) and ...
Dog man on 2/1/14
Called 3 am in the morning. I don't always add people to my contacts so I thought it may have been someone I knew. I texted "who is this" no reply.
rebe on 2/1/14
Didn't answer! Learned there is a major charge on bill if it is answered, $2,000.00 per minute!! Don't answer numbers you don't recognize!! It it's important...
dfk on 2/1/14
Got this call 1/1/13... one ring, hung up, no message...
Anonymous on 2/1/14
DON'T CALL THEM BACK. In Utah we have a huge news story here about
them charging THOUSANDS to your cell phone if you answer or try to call back.
They said on the news they c...
Anonymous on 2/1/14
DON'T CALL THEM BACK. In Utah we have a huge news story here about
them charging THOUSANDS to your cell phone if you answer or try to call back.
Do not answer your phone if ...
the one on 2/1/14
i got it 2 times without noticing it.
Amanda on 2/1/14
This weird number called me and it came across looking like this, "+47 35 20 97 64" I didnt answer it but tried to call it right back and got scared it was a scam so I hu...
Kelly on 2/1/14
I received a call from this number at 2:20 AM. Caller ID said Grenada. There was an article written in our local paper confirming that unknown calls from the 473 area code are a ...
ITM on 2/1/14
Like everyone else, I received the call in the early morning. My phone says it's a Norwegian number. Didn't dare call back.
bon on 2/1/14
call came in to my cell at 6:01 am 1/2/14. rang long enough to go to voice mail but they didn't leave a message.
scammed on 2/1/14
this number resulted in over 40 in charges to my verizon account
apparently some kind of phone scam
blocked through carrier
Keri on 2/1/14
Called me at 7:10 am from (473) 520-9736 Grenada.. No voicemail and when I try to call back I just got beeping
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