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CountryUnited States
Major CityToll-free Service

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G.V. 2 hours, 12 minutes ago
Recently received a yellow post card informing that I have been selected to receive $100 in Gas rebates valid Shell, Esso, Petro Canada. Listing a the 844-672-9958 to call and a cl...
Anonymous 2 hours, 45 minutes ago
it's a lawyer firm calling about a filed complaint against me
Brenda McLaren 4 hours, 54 minutes ago
I got a call from you and the person swore at me and I am not impressed and I wish to speak to a supervisor.
DAT 20 hours, 28 minutes ago
Got a call from this number, telling me that I am being sued for an old 2004 debt, that was bought by Chase Bank. I have never received any correspondence from this company or Chas...
mike 21 hours, 12 minutes ago
This number has shown up on my caller id many times over past two days. When I answer they hang up. When I don't answer they do not leave a message. I called them back afte...
anonymous 23 hours, 8 minutes ago
a girl yelling saying she's being kidnapped, a male got on the phone saying not to call the police and he will call later. Second call asking for ramsom. Yeah right, have hi...
notsojolly 23 hours, 49 minutes ago
Just got new phone number, this Unknown Caller, calls once every day. Does not speak when answered, does not leave answer on machine when it picks up.
Rainbow+ 1 day ago
there is a Rainbow these people keep calling from different area codes 844 899 804 877 800 I mean how do you expect to collect if your ugly mean nasty harassing breaking the law an...
anonomus 1 day ago
I agree with your rules, in-other words, to Children.
you are NOT to use any Naughty words. or just "BEHAVE POLITELY"

Insurance scammers are calling from all over th...
David Goslin 1 day ago
Threatening to have me arrested saying I committed two felonies and forfeit all my rights.
Geri 1 day ago
Glad to see I am not alone in being continuously called by this number. they never leave a message and when I do answer, there is nothing or a high pitch screeching sound.
Dv 1 day, 2 hours ago
pop up and wouldn't close. use your task manager and shut it down!!!
robert smith 1 day, 4 hours ago
who are you?
Anonymous 1 day, 4 hours ago
Same here --- does she have your current info?

She read off the last four of my SSN. Now I'm freaking out
Rose 1 day, 4 hours ago
This number calls my home phone, cell phone and hangs up when I answer. It just called my work number and left a very disrespectful message on my supervisor's voicemail. I hav...
Yami 1 day, 4 hours ago
I received the same call. They said they would be serving me with papers the following day between the hours of 2:00 PM- 5:00PM this was 3 days ago and nothing. It was a lady Alexa...
Pepe 1 day, 4 hours ago
It's an auto dailer for a collection company they just have it running and nobonw to answer the calls.
Steve 1 day, 5 hours ago
This appears to be a scam, not affliated with RCI. Very convincing but beware...
Felix 1 day, 6 hours ago
Received a called from Ms. Brown representing Salomon and Blake firm. She asked for me to call right away because a court order was put on her desk and she was ready to file it un...
Jose 1 day, 6 hours ago
I got a call from 8448695200 as well saying that I have a summons against me. When I asked them what this is reference to she would not tell me, gave me a number ID number to refe...
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