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Area Code 845 Details
CountryUnited States
State/ProvinceNew York
Major CitySpring Valley
Time ZoneEastern (UTC-05:00)

Recently Reported Phone Calls in 845 Area Code

gp 5 days, 11 hours ago
these people relentlessly call 3 or 4 times daily to push pharmacy supplies, they call themselve U.S. pharmacy to sell pain meds, cialis, etc. annoying has hell
Perplexed 1 week, 1 day ago
Wow.. a free medical alert system pendent along with a certificate for $3,000. An obvious scam.
lewis 1 week, 5 days ago
on T.P.S. but this company still calls me!! Perhaps someone can have a word with them?
No name 2 weeks ago
I am getting threatening messages.
Roger 2 weeks, 2 days ago
Received a voicemail from this number and after researching the number I found out it was a scam. I did not return the call. According to my caller ID the call originated from Have...
P. Schwinn 2 weeks, 6 days ago
Another dimwit, nincompoop Local Services. We have received so many calls from these so called Local Service that it is no longer funny. These people are so stupid they have prog...
John 3 weeks, 4 days ago
He called about my PC. He seems very concerned about it. We play with him on the phone for about five minutes. It was great fun and we enjoyed having him call us. I hope he calls ...
P. Schwinn 4 weeks ago
Another dimwit, nitwit, stupid, idiot, moron, nincompoop making stupid recorded calls trying to scam businesses because these morons think we are as stupid as they are !!!!!!!!!!!!...
G on 15/8/14
Same deal- Caller ID reads NEIGHBOR. Message is free pain medication cream. BLOCKED.
DL Herring on 12/8/14
Caller, with a heavy Indian or Nigerian accent, claimed to be from Microsoft and claimed they detected a virus on my computer. First, I don't own any Microsoft Products; I use...
Frustrated in PA on 12/8/14
They have called 8/8 at 7:38pm and 8/11 at 9:50am 10:43 1:41 4:25 7:10pm and 8/12 at 9:30am. I have not answered all of them but when you do - nothing is there. Caller ID says ...
Anonymous on 5/8/14
I've gotten calls from this number too asking for my husband. When I say he's not home they hang up. I tried calling back, but I get an automatic voicemail prompt.
sherry on 30/7/14
received bizarre call from 845-764-9442 - couldn't understand him..i kept saying WHAT? still couldn't understand. ARGH...texted back and said don't ever call me ag...
john on 28/7/14
scam scam scam
Anonymous on 5/7/14
Caller ID says Somers no one on the line.
Anonymous on 30/6/14
Crazy stalker.
Gary on 21/6/14
I have no NEIGHBOR in New York.

Went to my answering machine.

Paraclete on 3/6/14
Another unwanted spam call leaving no message... from Beacon, NY and I blocked it.

Finally... a great way to block those annoying unwanted random robot junk/sales calls like tho...
Tania on 31/5/14
This number has been calling me every week for a couple of months now after researching who it was I have not picked up the phone because they are not going to get any money from m...
karen on 31/5/14
received 2 calls from this number today and party that called kept silent
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