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Major CityToll-free Service

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paul 5 hours, 43 minutes ago
get a popup that warns me that I have a virus & to call 855 5773875 to remove it. I can't remove the ad without rebooting
Me, Too 9 hours, 59 minutes ago
Thanks for listing this. They wanted my debit card number at "First Bank." I do not have an account there, and there was no option to speak with an operator.
Carrie 11 hours, 19 minutes ago
Message from DHL with a waybill number. Automated caller. Called back no answer after 15 minutes. Had this call many times before finally got through one time and told them to sen...
Charlotte 11 hours, 53 minutes ago
I have received seven calls from this number in less than six hours today. They never leave a message on my answering machine and when I did try to return the call using the star 6...
Paraclete 14 hours, 56 minutes ago
Unwanted scammer has called twice now... Area code 855 is a free area code for all spoof callers. It is blocked.
Concerned 16 hours, 8 minutes ago
*I got a fax to my work with vacation packages... this is a scam they have 4days/3 night vacation to jamaica for $200 all inclusive....these rates are unheard of...they trick you i...
lp 16 hours, 12 minutes ago
has called the last 2 days. I do not answer calls from unrecognized #.
Anonymous 16 hours, 12 minutes ago
debt collector
Mob 17 hours, 6 minutes ago
Keep getting calls from this number, I picked up once, they're spammers, don't take the call or they'll add your number as "active in their system and sell it t...
RED 17 hours, 10 minutes ago
A person called, asked for me and totally butchered my name. The person introduced himself as Duron Davis. Mr. Davis repeated the last for digits of my social security number and...
Anonymous 18 hours, 38 minutes ago
Same thing happened to me.
DMR 20 hours, 51 minutes ago
I too had an oil change but at the Honda dealer yesterday and received a call last night at 8:30 pm. I did not answer the call.
Edgar R. 1 day, 5 hours ago
Someone from this number called and left a message.
I called back and the man I spoke with answered all my questions about
my prescriptions, then asked me some survey questions.
Anonymous 1 day, 8 hours ago
this was a call back number from a service that was supposed to be a tech support. The call to number was 8774044430
Yandy 1 day, 11 hours ago
These people had me taken to court and now I have to pay an additional $1500
Daisy 1 day, 11 hours ago
This number calls everyday, morning, noon and evening. Some days the person will call 5-6 times in a row.
very aggravated 1 day, 13 hours ago
this # caled my 2 cell phones and my work phone as well as my supervisor leaving a message threatening me saying I am being charged with something and need to contact them and give...
J 1 day, 16 hours ago
Private Number called Lisa Bennett Claiming "her Office" is calling on behalf of a claim being made against me and I MUST CALL 855-349-4343 ASAP REF #43413-01 - She calle...
elaine 1 day, 16 hours ago
855-993-4666 came up on my computer when I turned it on telling me to call this # because I had a virus on my computer
red 1 day, 17 hours ago
they called and said they will file a lawsuit in another county against me if i dont settle normally if a lawsuit is filed against you its in the country that you reside in
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