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CountryUnited States
Major CityToll-free Service

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Marion on 8/12/13
Someone keeps calling me on Sundays. She leaves the name "Faith", says she's calling from Barclay Bank regarding a survey about my credit card (she names the right ...
Milburn Graham Jr on 8/12/13
I'm keep getting phones calls from this number, sometimes at least 3 calls within 2 hours. I'm not home during the day, but the calls keep coming, I'm not behind in ...
notwhotheythink on 6/12/13
Constantly calls and threatens to ruin credit, even though the person they are looking for does not live in this home and never has. Don't know who the person is. Company refu...
Ron on 6/12/13
They are calling looking for a debt for someone I do not know. They are rude and liars.
Anonymous on 6/12/13
I received an automated call. They clearly indicated that they were attempting to collect a debt. I actually liked that they stated the purpose of the call! They provided a Case Nu...
Jenn on 5/12/13
Keep calling and saying I am in a bunch of trouble and I am going to jail.
someone on 5/12/13
this is a collection agency, based on my research, this is Citi credit card collection. although some others say it's a fake scam asking you to pay over the phone.
Jack on 4/12/13
Received a call yesterday from a female claiming to be "Investigator Morris." she left a message requesting a reurn call. Never said who she was with. I did not and will ...
rafe on 4/12/13
Told me I had a bad check n payday loan I have never had a checking acct or loan
Tina on 4/12/13
Help how do I get these people to stop bothering me, they have called my job and my family..
Suzanne eisermann-Wilson on 3/12/13
Please tell this company to stop calling me thanks
Suzanne on 2/12/13
This is the delivery company for Home Depot. I received a reminder call for our delivery tomorrow in New Jersey.
Chris on 2/12/13
This was not a call TO me but from me. I called this number, as suggested by the Humane Society via Facebook, to let Kohl's know that it's not ok to sell a purse labelled...
ken on 28/11/13
Annoying...not answered!
jerryf on 27/11/13
Unknown caller. Did not leave message.
2nd time this phone number called me.
Don't owe any money so that's not the reason.
Probably yet another Telemarketing call over...
Jessica Barker on 15/11/13
I have ask them to stop calling me. They can't say who they are calling for. I or my husband Have an account and I told them that so why are they calling me.
Alan on 13/11/13
These guys somehow got my cell number and keep calling and when it say to press 2 to stop them from calling, they still keep calling. I don't have any unpaid bills. I recently...
Kate on 11/11/13
says they are a collection agency. I don't have debt. Untruthful
Anonymous on 11/11/13
This company calls daily, asking for an employee on a different shift. They are told if this is a personal business call they need to call the employee at home. We don't take...
Precious! on 8/11/13
I received a call from 866-405-9055 at my place of work, stating I should meet an individual outside my place of work because he had a criminal suphoena to serve me with and he did...
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